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A Date Over Afternoon Tea

A Date Over Afternoon Tea

'Afternoon Tea' can be so romantic, if planned correctly. The right setting, the right location and of course the right company.

Afternoon tea dates back to the mid 1840's when, Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, found that waiting for the evening meal left her rather peckish. She started inviting friends round for tea and cakes, along with a few sandwiches. This high class entertaining soon took off amongst the gentry of the era, and hey presto 'Afternoon Tea' was born.

But today: It can be so Romantic, the ideal setting for a first date. Imagine sitting in a quiet corner of light filed conservatory, or on the terrace of a elegant country manor hotel on a late afternoon as the sun sets low on the horizon, with a stunning companion. As the afternoon tea is served the conversation grows to a more deep and sensual meaning, senses are heightened, anticipation grows and the mood is set for a wonderful and passionate interlude that will shortly follow the sumptuous tea and cakes.

A stroll through the hotels gardens, taking in the outstanding beauty of your date as the sunlight hits her hair and the slight autumn breeze gently ruffles at her dress, what more could you ask for in setting the scene for pure romance and without doubt, a truly spectacular 'Girl Friend Experience'.

Afternoon tea

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