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Escort Safety

As a professional escort agency we have been handling the safety of the ladies we represent for more than 15 years now. It becomes part and parcel of what we do every day.

Before we even consider taking an appointment we need to feel comfortable/confident that the person making the booking not only checks out from a physical location point of view, but that they portray themselves as gentlemen who will have respect for our ladies.

How To Stay Safe

While there is no guaranteed or catch all method or system to staying safe 100% of the time, there are some very basic steps that can be implemented that will dramatically decrease the chances of anything going wrong.

Generally it's the overall approach to safety, or indeed to the understanding of what is involved with staying safe in the first place where things start to get out of step.

You need to place your safety as the number one priority in everything you do. And it starts well before escorting is involved.

It's in your overall attitude to life in general. For example:

  • It's the way you look/dress and present yourself. Might seem insignificant, but it's how other people perceive you in the first place that is very important.

  • What signals of the way you are dressed are being sent to the people you encounter? First impressions can make a vast difference safety wise.

  • Your transport - Is it reliable, well serviced, well fuelled?

  • Does your car have the right tyres, and are they correctly pressured? As the weather gets colder do you need to consider winter tyres?

  • How do you find your appointments and then home again? A reliable up-to-date SatNav is a basic MUST HAVE piece of safety equipment.

  • Do you have a contract or PAYG mobile phone? Is there enough credit on the phone in case you encounter any problems and need someone to come and help you? The AA, RAC etc

  • Is your phone fully charged? and do you carry a car charger to keep it topped up?

  • Set yourself solid rules in relation to alcohol use. Apart from the obvious legal rules of No drinking and driving, stick to social occasions where you are in safe company, just in-case you should have the odd one too many.

  • A ZERO policy on drug use should be the only and best course of action for everyone.

Just a few basic, yet essential safety must do's before you even look at the world of escorting safety, and what extra safety steps should be implemented job wise!

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