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You Can Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar

The saying seems to have first appeared in the United States in Benjamin Franklin's 'Poor Richard's Almanac' in 1744 - And the meaning behind the saying: 'BE NICE'

When it comes to dating: Being nice, showing respect and having good manners, will reap you more rewards than being rude, brash or obtrusive. All women, including our stunning high class north east escorts, appreciate a date with a gentleman.

It's the little things that count the most when trying to impress. Make sure your hygiene is spot on: shower, shave and smelling nice are an absolute must. Clean smart clothes, being courteous, polite and respectful will all help set the tone for the date. Be humorous, but not rude; making your date laugh will help her to feel relaxed, happy, comfortable and confident in your company. A little bit of naughtiness is always a nice appetiser to more intimate times ahead. But: taking it to far with smutty and bad taste jokes is an immediate turn off, so keep it light hearted and funny. Remember you are trying to impress your date, not alienate her.

Bad boys are all well and good, rugged men with a carefree attitude and a wild side, always in the fast lane with a variety of different girls adorning their arm every time you see them. But what most girls want, really want, is a gent that treats them as Ladies, has respect and are courteous and honest. Gents that think of their companions needs and feelings above their own. Gents that are caring and listen. Gents that are, well, simply Gentlemen!

Harness the attributes of a true gentleman and dating will be a walk in the park: And the rewards? YES THE REWARDS! Will be well worth every ounce of effort you put in. Go on: Try it and see!!!

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