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A Walk By The River Bank

A Walk By The River Bank

I really like Durham, it has a warm and traditional feel about it. I was really glad Steve had suggested we meet here.

Steve and I have met a few times now and I am thoroughly enjoying our time together. He never fails to make me cum.

We had a few drinks at the bar of the Marriott Hotel before I suggested a walk along the bank of the River Wear. The hotel is situated on the banks of the river so it wasn�t far to walk. �Take a walk with me� I�d said. I could tell by the glint in his eyes he knew what I had in mind.

Steve is taller than me but with my heels on I easily match his six foot. He has a good body and wide shoulders, and the brightest blue eyes. A bit of a Daniel Craig, this is pleasing. Best of all though is his cock. A good eight inches, not too thick but just right.

�Let�s go� he said.

I checked my watch, nine o�clock. It was dark outside and quite cold. The air smelt of that autumn burning smell I love, like bonfire night. My hair was down, it�s long and gathered around my neck down to my ample breasts, warming me. Big, blonde waves catching the bits of light we passed. I wore a dark woollen dress that reached my knees with a fur coat that sits comfortable at my ass. Despite this, I still felt the chill of the cool breeze that flowed to my bare pussy. I hadn�t bothered with panties. No point.

It wasn�t long before I stopped walking. It was fairly secluded and no-one was around, not that I could see. I took Steve by the hands and looked at him, smiling a devilish smile. I put them around my waist before guiding them around to my ass. I have a small waist and generous hips, a great shape to be and he loves it.

I kissed him and he pushed his warm tongue into my mouth. His hands edged up the back of my dress until he reached my bare flesh. His fingers worked their way between my legs and his kisses momentarily paused when he realised I was not wearing panties. He began to probe at my entrance with his fingers and I could feel I was already wet. I was beginning to get so turned on and I could tell he was too. I could feel his hard on and I pressed myself against him harder to feel it more. As his fingers dipped in and out of my wet pussy, I knew I had to have him fucking me

I turned away from him and leaned against the rail overlooking the river. I reached my hands behind me and rubbed at his hard cock bulging through his pants, aching to be released. He pressed on my hands harder before undoing his belt and I held on to the rail, readying myself for what was to come.

I felt the hotness of his flesh, his hard cock pressing up against my ass as he began to motion back and forth, his cock rubbing against the crack of my ass. He lowered his cock to my entrance and as my lips opened, the breeze against the warmth of my pussy gave me a tingling sensation. He slid straight into my wet pussy and I gasped with relief and excitement. It felt so good. He moved back and forth, slowly at first, his hands reaching up, kneading my breasts over my dress. I pushed my ass back, bending over further so I could take him deeper. I wanted his whole cock to penetrate me. He moved faster, then faster still. His hands had moved their way to my ample hips by now as he slammed deep into me. My breathing became deeper and I struggled not to make too much noise. We were outside after all.

He reached a hand down to rub at my clit and I spread my legs more so he could attend to the whole of my pussy. His cool hand over my pussy whilst he was slamming into me was ecstasy and I knew I was about to cum soon. I guided his fingers to my clit and rubbed my clit with his fingers. My knees began to tremble slightly as I felt my orgasm rising. I came in a flood, I could feel it on his cock, swimming between my legs in that cool breeze as he continued to pummel into me. I held onto the rail as my orgasm continued and moaned at the pleasure of his cock filling me.

I didn�t want him to cum inside of me, so once my orgasm was complete, I pulled myself away and turned to face him. I looked at him and he stared back at me with a raw and wanting look. I could tell he wanted to cum too.

I crouched down, facing his cock. It glistened with my cum all over it. I could still feel the wetness between my legs cooling in the breeze. I licked at the tip of his cock and then ran my tongue under his balls and up the length of his cock cleaning him of my cum. I began to take him in my mouth and he grabbed my hair, shoving his length into my mouth. I can take it deep but Steve is a generously sized man and I struggled not to gag. He fucked my mouth and I held onto his ass for support. I felt his cock swell even more in my mouth and I could hear him groaning. I knew he was about to cum and I readied myself. I reached under and cupped his balls in my hand, massaging them as his thrusts became more frantic. �Yeah baby, don�t stop. I�m gonna cum in your mouth� I heard him order. And with that, he pulled my head close and thrust himself hard. I could feel his cock at my throat. I struggled to breathe as he released his cum into my throat; I could feel it spilling down my throat before I even had a chance to swallow.

I managed to take a breath through my nose before swallowing what seemed like an endless stream of cum. He let out a satisfying groan before releasing me. I swallowed the remainder of his cum and relished the taste of him left behind in my mouth.

I looked up at him and he looked right back at me and smiled. �Let�s head back. I�m not finished with you yet� he said. I did as I was told. Who am I to argue?

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