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My Christmas Punishment

My Christmas Punishment

So, I�ve had my eye on this guy at work for some time now. I've flirted enough for him to know I wanted him. He made it perfectly clear he wanted me too. Not for a relationship of course, he is a married man, I just wanted him for sex. I wanted him because I can.

The first time I had seen Clive I knew I had to have him. He�s older than me, mid 40�s I�d say, over six foot with a big solid build, greying hair and very attractive.
We had been flirting for a few weeks and I began to get bored wondering if things would ever progress and then the Christmas staff party was confirmed. I immediately knew.

I picked out a cream floaty halter neck dress that falls a couple of inches above my knees. It has a slit from the neck to below my breasts, not too obvious, just tasteful and teasing. A belt ties in at the waist to show my curvy figure.

I stood outside the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle, the chosen venue for the office Christmas party, smoking a cigarette. I can see him through the glass watching me and heading in my direction but other members of the department continually stop him to chat. Mainly women and I can see the frustration in his face, I don�t doubt in his pants too.

I finish my cigarette and head back to the bar, the company has been kind enough to provide complimentary Champagne for us. He is already there when I return waiting for me and hands a glass to me. He makes small talk about work and asks me my opinion on a couple of things. I tell him I don�t care. I look him up and down and tell him that is not what I am interested in.

�You�re trouble� he says.

�You have no idea� I reply.
He grabs a bottle of Champagne from the bar, grabs me by the arm and marches me out of the function room. The bar is at the entrance of the function room so we didn�t have to pass too many people, though I was surprised by his actions. He continued to march me over to the lift.

�You have teased me for too long. I�m gonna break you tonight�

His tone was serious and hard. I felt suddenly quite vulnerable and uneasy. He pressed for the lift with his hand still holding the Champagne, the other still held a tight grip on my arm.

The doors to the lift opened and he led me inside, pushed the button for his floor and waited for the doors to close. When they had, he turned to face me standing really close; he seemed so much bigger than I had ever noticed before.

�I�m going to punish you Jessica, for everything you�ve done over the last few weeks. All your teasing and playing games�. The look in his eyes spoke far louder than he did. He had had enough of my games. I could see he wanted me now more than ever and I wanted him. I could feel myself getting wet inside my knickers, aroused by his intimidation.

The lift opened and he led me to his room, letting go of my arm only to open the door. He wedged the door open with his foot and yanked me inside. He put the Champagne down, took my glass from me and set it down beside the bottle.

He grabbed my throat, holding me high and pushed me over to the mirror. I stumbled as he did so and my shoes came off. The mirror was large, fixed to the wall above the desk. He turned me to face the mirror and stood behind me, still with his hand around my throat watching our reflection in the mirror.

He pulled open the slit of my dress either side of my breasts, exposing them. He hitched up my dress and began to roughly rub my pussy over my knickers. I felt exposed and vulnerable and not sure how to react though my body was doing all the responding for me. I could feel my knickers getting wetter as he rubbed them into my pussy.

�I�m gonna fuck you every which way there is. There�s no taking your actions back now�.

His cock was solid, I could feel it pressing against me. He let go of my throat and pushed me so I was bent over with my hands on the desk. He lifted my dress and pulled down my knickers below my ass. He undid his pants and kept me held by the back of my neck. Without warning he stabbed his cock right into my pussy. I gave a loud moan and he groaned deeply, pausing only for a moment before smashing into me furiously. His cock was big, I could tell as it filled me, stretching me.

After a few minutes of pounding me he stopped. He undid my dress and stripped me naked. He ordered me over to the sofa and told me to sit on the very top of it facing him.

�Open your legs� he said whilst undressing himself. I opened them feeling embarrassed at how exposed I was. �Wider� I opened them wider, as wide as I could. He walked over to me with not a stitch on; he has a very good body. He stood in front of me and began pushing his fingers into my pussy, assaulting it with his hand. I pushed my pussy hard against them to take more.
�I knew you�d be filthy� he said.

Before I could say anything, he put his fingers in my mouth for me to clean them of my juices.

He grabbed me and threw me over to the bed. He lifted me to my knees, once again facing the mirror so he could see our reflection. He started fucking my pussy again, grabbing at my breasts and rubbing my clit. I watched in the mirror as he took total advantage of me. It was finally happening, after all these weeks. He pounded at me, rubbing away at my clit and I began to shudder and cum all over his cock. I was sure he was about to cum too, but I was wrong.

He pushed me down flat on the bed, lifted up my ass and began to rub my juices up to my ass pushing his finger into my ass. I tried to move away but he kept me held down and laid on top of me so I couldn�t move.

�Every which way I said�.

As he spoke he pressed his cock against my ass, it hurt as it found its way inside my ass and I bit onto the blanket to stop from crying out. He lay fairly still on me whilst his cock sank deeper into my ass. He reached his hand around my throat and began his assault on my ass, an equal amount of pain and pleasure searing through me. He pounded at my ass and I reached down to rub my aching clit and cum again. Clive groaned loudly above me, he pulled his cock from my ass and released his hot cum all over my ass rubbing it into me with his cock.

He turned me onto my back, stroked my face and kissed me, our first kiss, before reaching for the Champagne.

I knew he�d be filthy.
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