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My Office Affair - The Meeting Room

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My Office Affair - The Meeting Room.

What a fantastic day I have had. Clive from the office gave me such a treat today. I�ve trained him well. I have flirted and demanded things of him to turn him on so much I knew it wouldn�t be long for him to continue his domination of me.

Today I wore a plain knee length black wool dress with a ribbon tied around the waist. Hold up stockings and heels. Half way through my day he emails me ordering me to remove my knickers and bring them to the meeting room later. I did as I was told.

Once my knickers were off I felt so bare. I was terrified people would notice. The excitement and fear kept making me wet which made me even more afraid. I emailed him to tell him so and he replied to say I must do as I am told. I knew I had to just go with it.

I made my way to the meeting room when he said. He was already waiting for me, staring at me and I could feel myself starting to shake with nerves. I hung my head in shame as any Sub would. I have put him in a position of power, I have handed it all over to him. Everything is ready, the safe word, my limits, everything.

Now please understand, my job is very important to me and I would never usually mix my private life with work but I just couldn�t resist this. The fear was making me panic, but also making me wet.

Anyway, as I was saying, he was there, waiting for me and he led me into a smaller room with only enough space for a small round table and several chairs. I threw several documents he had requested earlier onto the table and sat down to face his chair.

The door has several small panes of glass running down the side of the door, but not frosted. Although it was positioned without a clear view, it still posed a risk.

He sat opposite me and I still couldn�t tell you what he said, if anything at all. He put his hand on my knee and began to rub under the edge of my dress and the inside of my thigh. I watch his hands on my legs and the door. I dare not look at him yet; I need to ready myself to accept my shame for being a total slut. And loving it.

His left hand holds my right knee, no doubt to stop it shaking. His right hand slowly reaches up between my legs and he touches the top of my stockings. I feel him pause, knowing that it is now he realises I am actually quite bare. He reaches up again and his fingers touch my skin, my warm, soft and hairless pussy. I gasp at the relief of it.

Shame fills me and I look at him, still glancing at the door though. He does the same and stares back at me. A feeling of self disgust and excitement washes over me. The intimate act of a Dom with his Sub and the sensation it provides comes in waves. He reaches his hand up a little more and pushes his fingers between my pussy lips. I didn�t realise how wet I was until I felt my juices flood out onto my thighs and onto his fingers.

I grabbed onto my chair seat looking back to the floor as he works his fingers into my pussy. I close my eyes tight shut and lift myself up slightly allowing him to reach further into my cunt. I�m so fucking wet I feel embarrassed at it. He moves closer and rubs his whole hand over my pussy to my ass, rubbing my juices into my skin.

I open my eyes and look at his crotch. His bulge is massive and he pulls my knee to press against his throbbing cock. At the same time he pushes more fingers into my sopping wet pussy. We lean closer toward each other and I dare not kiss him because I am still watching the door, conscious of the danger someone will catch him with his hand pressed into my cunt.

His thumb moves over my clit and I can feel my orgasm beginning to build. I cannot risk cumming here. My breathing is deeper and my moans are becoming harder to suppress. He takes me to the edge of my orgasm and withdraws his hand.

This is called edging; an act a Dom may instruct a Sub to do to them self. On this occasion he does it for me.

He rubs the inside of my thigh before removing his soggy hand and tasting me on his fingers.

I tell him I have to go back to the office before I am missed. I stand up and my whole body is shaking. He kisses me on my head before holding me closer and kissing me properly, deeply. I love the kiss but my pussy is still throbbing.

Before I leave, I shamefully retrieve the knickers I�ve been wearing that day and pass them to him. He raises them to his face and inhales deeply. I cannot look him in the eye.

He sits back down; he cannot possibly leave the room with his trousers bulging like that.

As I leave I close the door behind me. I walk back to my desk with the wetness between my legs making me blush. My head is spinning with a feeling of drunkenness.

I have a message waiting for me when I get back to my desk.

".......You Slut - I can smell your cunt on me and taste it in my mouth - I�m gonna fuck you so hard....."

I�m getting wet again. I can�t wait for our next encounter.

Lady Valentine

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