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The Drive Home

The Drive Home

I am totally in love with Mike. Although everything about him is pretty much average, his height, frame and general good looks, but there is nothing average about the way he fucks. His tight thin lips and intensely piercing blue eyes bore into me. He looks at me without expression and I gaze back on edge, trying to be ready but I never know what for.

Mike works away for long periods of time so our relationship only ever last a few days in a year. It devastates me when he leaves but I try not to be sad about it and make our time together something to remember. This morning was no exception. It was early, five am and Mike had a train to catch at Central Station in a matter of hours. I showered alone running my hands over my body recalling the events of the night before. My breasts firmed and my nipples hardened as I did so. My D cup breasts felt heavy as I cupped them and slid my soapy hands around them. My tits defy gravity and I know they look good as I arch my back against the tiles and slide my hands between my legs. I wash away the cum he left behind the night before and I touch and explore myself as I remember how he brought me to my orgasm. I feel a twinge inside my tummy and the walls of my vagina clench at the memory of it. I rub at my clit and I can feel my excitement building. I stop myself, rinse off and leave the bathroom.

Mike has a place in Northumberland but we chose to stay in Newcastle�s Copthorne Hotel so we could enjoy a night out in the town with drinks. However, we needed to set off early so he could gather his things from home before leaving again. He went into the bathroom and as he did I put on my bra and panties, matching of course, hold up stockings, heels and coat. Everything else I threw in my overnight bag. I looked in the mirror, my coat is a dark Mac and nobody would be able to tell all I had on was my underwear beneath it. Not even Mike. I took the grip from my hair that held it in place whilst I showered and my blonde curls tumbled down. Even at this hour, after a tiring night, I still looked good.

Mike came out of the bathroom and threw his toothbrush in his bag. �You ready then?� he said. �Yeah, sure� I replied. I lied of course, I wasn�t ready. I never would be ready. I hate it when he leaves but I was looking forward to the journey home.

The summer is nearing its end and the sun hasn�t quite risen yet but its light enough to make me a little cautious. I was driving and I put on some music but kept it low. It�s about a half hour drive to his from the Quayside and it isn�t long before we hit the country roads and I open the window half way to take in the fresh air.

We make small talk for a while and I keep my speed relatively low to keep him with me for as long as I can. I reach over for his hand and place it on my knee then gently stroke his hand up toward the top of my stockings, pushing up my Mac at the same time. I hold his hand there for a moment and glance at his crotch. I want his cock. I slide his hand over the lace edge of my stocking to the inside of my thigh. I run my fingers in between his and help them find their way between my legs. I glance back at his crotch and I can see his response, its growing in his pants. I remove my hand so that both of my hands are now back on the steering wheel. His fingers run over the lace of my panties and I try to adjust myself in my seat to allow him easier access to my pussy. Not always easy when you�re trying to drive.

I glance at him and he gives me that expressionless stare. He turns in his seat to face me changing hands for a better angle. He pulls my Mac to one side under my seat belt to reveal I have nothing on underneath other than my underwear. �I might have known� he said. I say nothing and simply smile. He pushes his fingers underneath my panties and they find their way between my pussy lips which are, by now, incredibly wet. His other hand pulls aside the top of my Mac to fully expose my bra. His pants are bulging by now and I am struggling to drive. I try to adjust myself in my seat to take more of his fingers whilst at the same time reaching over to rub at his growing cock aching to be let out. I struggle to maintain my focus on the road but I know these roads well and I know there is a lay-by coming up. And there it is. I pull up, almost skidding, turn off the engine and release my seatbelt. I turn to him and he�s looking over my whole body as though he doesn�t know where to begin. I catch his eye and he kisses me. He skilfully moves my seat back and reclines it. My hands find their way to his pants and I undo them, desperate to release his cock and make it mine.

His cock is so hard and already a bit sticky. He pulls down the cups of my bra exposing my breasts. He takes one in his mouth and grabs at the other. His other hand finds its way between my legs now that my seat is fully reclined. He finds his way on top of me and I move my legs to give him more room. My pussy is wet and burning with the need for his cock to fuck me. My heel catches on the vent above the radio as I raise it, my other foot leans against the frame of the open window. I try desperately to lift my pussy to take more of his fingers. He pulls back my hair, exposing my neck as he bites at it. I can feel he is positioning himself ready to fuck me in my car in this lay-by. He raises himself slightly and looks at me

�You knew didn�t you� he said, yanking my panties to one side, hard. �You�re so fucking dirty�. �Yes I am, now shut up and fuck me� I say.
I lift my pussy as high as I can as his cock finds my entrance and forces his way into me. �More� I say and I push my feet against whatever surface they are on as I try to grind against him. He reaches round with one hand and grabs my ass. He lifts me enough to force his way deeper into me, it�s a position I can hold and I reach my arms up and around the headrest. He lifts himself slightly, his knees against the seat, one hand on my ass, the other by my shoulder.

I�m almost laid flat and he pounds into me, my tits bounce with every thrust. I try and spread my legs wider as every time he smashes into me he catches my clit and my orgasm builds a little more. I know he won�t last long. I look down, my breasts heaving, my panties pulled to one side, I can see his cock plunging in and out of me, each time gathering more of my wetness. I keep watching as I beg him to fuck me harder. He grabs the lace of my stocking and pushes my thigh back. His pace quickens and I lift my pussy higher as his cock continues to pound into me. I quiver as I almost cum, it lingers for a moment then I feel myself cum in floods as my orgasm releases itself through my whole body. I grind against him hard milking the last of my orgasm. My grinding him is all it took to tip him over the edge. I feel him fill me up with his hot cum, even then he keeps smashing into me and with each stroke some of his cum spills and gathers between my legs, running around onto my ass. I hold him there for a moment, not wanting to move, but he has a train to catch.

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