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Winter Fire

A Winter Fire

Sometimes the winter can be so depressing. To be fair I�d rather be curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate but instead I find myself at Andy�s place.

He has an open log fire and its roaring at me, big bright orange flames. It crackles as the logs burn. A bottle of rose stands nearby, my glass is half full.

I lie in front of the open fire on the sheepskin rug wrapped in a towel as I�ve just bathed.

Andy can see I am not my usual feisty self and doesn�t bother me with his usual rough approach.

He plays soothing music and lies next to me taking the grip from my hair and stroking it. He starts stroking me around my neck and my ear. It feels so nice and soothing and I move on to my front resting my face on my hands to enjoy his touch.

The heat from the log fire dries me quickly. Andy gently slides my towel down to my ass without exposing me. He strokes his fingers, barely touching me, up and down my back and across my shoulders. It feels amazing I can tell you.

He rubs my back with more pressure, his hands move rhythmically across my whole back and he moves my towel an inch at a time. He circles the cheeks of my ass, still caressing my back.

His hands reach between my legs but he is careful not to touch my pussy. This has the effect of slowly arousing me without feeling invaded by him. I part my legs slightly so he can caress me closely.

He removes the towel completely and strokes me down my long legs, around my ankles, the backs of my knees and inside my thighs. He works his way up and down my whole body, occasionally skimming over my pussy lips.

I can feel my arousal building higher inside of me and I part my legs more. He stops for a moment and tells me to keep still. He places a blindfold over me and picks up where he left off. My arousal quickly picks up again as he gently strokes my pussy lips. It�s almost too much to bear and then he gently strokes between my pussy lips, parting them and I can feel my wetness spread.

He pushes his fingers, I guess at two, into my wanting pussy and it feels so good. I try to push down to increase the pressure and take more but he pulls away from me and leaves me empty.

He tells me to turn over and I do so. He caresses me across my breasts and stomach, being unable to see him or his intentions only turns me on more. He returns his fingers to my hot aching pussy and after some teasing, pushes his fingers into me again. I�m so wet I can feel it on my thighs.

He inserts more fingers into me, all of them as his thumb rubs over my clit. I raise my knees a little to allow him more access and allowing me to push against him harder. His hand is getting deeper into me and I�m glad of the blindfold to hide my shame as the need for more of his hand takes over me.

I raise my hips from the floor and I can feel his hand release slightly as his thumb leaves my clit and joins the rest of his fingers. I push down more till it hurts but it�s still not enough. He moves his hand in and out of me gently, twisting it as he does. It moves deeper and deeper into me, I can feel the pressure rising and the feeling of becoming fuller and fuller is overwhelming.

He scoops an arm under my waist and rests my ass on his knees. I am a little scared because I know what�s coming now. He�s going to fucking fist me. The shame of such an act turns me on even more than I can bear. I raise my hips again and he pushes and twists his hand more until his whole hand is inside of me. Oh my god the feeling of it. This is something else entirely. I can feel him twisting his arm and his hand inside of me as he fist fucks me. This is without doubt one of the most intimate and erotic acts I have ever experienced. My juices are flowing across my thighs. I reach down with my hands to attend to my clit. I barely even touch it and my orgasm takes over me. I raise my hips more with Andy�s whole fist still inside me. It goes on forever, I�ve never cum like this before.

Once my orgasm has eventually passed, Andy gently pulls his arm away from my pussy and lays me back on the rug. He removes the blindfold and passes my wine to me - Amazing - NO better than that, Totally fucking AWESOME!

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