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A Weekend Break

A Weekend Break

How long has it been? You know since you got away from the stress and hassle of work and treated yourself to something a little extra special. Too long I bet!

Isn't time for a well deserved weekend break? Nothing too expensive, unless you fancy splashing out - and why not you deserve it! Just a few days away; relaxing and enjoying what life has to offer.

Just think of the boost you will get with a break away from normal routine, run of the mill, day to day things. Did you also know that if you're happy in what you are doing, then the body responds and life starts to have a new, more fulfilling meaning to it. Healthy living isn't all about what we eat, it's also about stimulating the mind with new and exciting things.

The north east has some excellent locations and some fantastic hotels - some with great spa facilities for that extra special attention you need. All you need to do is decide where and when you are going.
Oh I hear you, making excuses; It's not much fun by yourself! Well if that's the only thing putting you off having a great weekend away, then why not book one of our stunning north east escorts to accompany you for the weekend.

Now wouldn't that be a weekend away with a bonus or two!

Just imagine it: A great hotel, a fantastic location, excellent hotel facilities and what? A real stunning girl giving you all the attention under the sun, all weekend long; it's like dying and going to heaven on a first class ticket, and then some!

Now tell me - Does that sounds like healthy living, for mind, body and soul? You're dam right it does!
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