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Seasonal Affective Disorder - (S-A-D)

Seasonal Affective Disorder - (S-A-D)

Yes it's that time of year again, winter is approaching, seasons are changing and we are starting to get that all to typical feeling of depression. The adjustment from bright sunny days and long light evenings - into cold, sometimes freezing nights that make us just want to stay indoors, wrap up and close ourselves away until spring.

Let me tell you now: This is not healthy! We need to get out there, stay active and embrace every day for what it has to offer.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD as it is commonly known, is thought to be reduced by more exposure to bright sunlight and out door activity. So: getting outdoors and doing something active would seem to be a positive step in the right direction. 

All well and good, but - in the winter it's cold, wet and down right miserable outdoors. So we need a little extra incentive to help us get out there and enjoy ourselves, or the thought of it alone just adds to the SAD syndrome getting worse.

One way you could help yourself elevate these feelings is to combine your activities whilst on a date with a beautiful north east escort. You could for example: Book a lunch date at a tranquil country hotel, enjoy a short walk through the grounds, take in the wild life and lose yourself in stimulating conversation. Maybe opt for a Spa hotel, relax by the pool, have a massage or indulged yourself and your companion in a Spa treatment.

Enjoy a lovely romantic lunch sat by the window, giving idyllic views of the countryside. Then; After lunch spend some quality time really getting to know your companion.

Healthy living can simply be a state of mind sometimes, and as long as there is no underlying medical complications, life can seem more positive, enjoyable and certainly so much more exciting. So come on: Lets get rid of the winter blues and start enjoying ourselves again - You just know, it's so worth it!
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