Heating Homes Will Cost More This Winter

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Heating Homes Will Cost More This Winter

Our north east escorts are urging people who depend on oil for heating and cooking to try and replenish supplies early, and certainly before the onset of the winter weather. One Durham escort said, " Please, if you can afford to fill up early get as much as your budget allows you to". Another Newcastle escort commented, "It's better planning to have more than you need, just in case the winter turns really bad, none of us want to see people cold and hungry this winter, especially if it can be avoided. It's the people who can't afford the supplies a little earlier than normal that I'm more worried about".

The prediction of Arctic weather this winter has led experts to warn about another major spike in home heating oil prices. The fear is that vulnerable people like the elderly living on their own might freeze to death if they can't get their oil tanks filled because of the cost or because delivery lorries can't get through on snow-covered roads, or a combination of both. Last winter the two million UK homes and businesses which rely on heating oil for cooking and central heating saw a doubling of the price in the space of a few weeks, from 40p per litre to 80p per litre.

Many people ran out and shivered in their homes as suppliers battled to get enough oil to cope in the severe weather which saw tanks freeze when temperatures plunged to nearly minus 20 in some places. Oil lorries could not leave UK refineries on schedule because of treacherous road conditions as blizzards struck.

Now the industry is appealing to people to stock up early and take advantage of lower prices now before they soar with the onset of winter. Chris Bale, director of, a website which helps people track down the best deals, said "The heating oil market is a free one, and unregulated, so the law of supply and demand kicked in last winter. "With limited oil available and huge demand, the national price went through the roof and a large number of consumers, especially those in the countryside, were left with no fuel for weeks on end. "We predict the same price spike this year and expect it to break the �1 per litre price. "We are encouraging people to plan ahead and ensure they have sufficient kerosene to see them through the winter. "If El Nina brings temperatures of -20 degrees this winter, as predicted, then many people will be cut off."

A random check today revealed an average price of between 55p and 60p a litre...which is an upward "creep" of a few pence on the cost a month or two ago, and industry insiders say they expect it to continue climbing gradually now that the colder weather is approaching.

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