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What can you say about the London 2012 Olympics that has not already been covered world wide by so many. Other than to express the thanks to everyone involved, from the team who won the United Kingdom the bid to host the Games, the designers of the stadiums, the thousands of dedicated volunteers, whom without them the Games simply would not have functioned.

But most of all, we owe a debt of gratitude to each and every athlete that took part in the Games. Their dedication to their sport over many, many years of disciplined and arduous training, their competitiveness and without doubt, their emotion. It was so very clear what each game, tournament, event meant to each and every athlete, before, during after. The tears that were cried on the podiums, by so many, men and women alike, could have filled an Olympic swimming pool.

The nation, NO, the World witnessed an outstanding event that will be hard to surpass. Nations came together in a friendly, yet competitive manner, No Conflict, No Wars, just the coming together to compete to see who was the best on that day!

Maybe we can all learn something along the way and maybe, just maybe, we can all join in the future to be one nation, or population that inhabits this planet of ours and live together in the manner the athletes did throughout the Olympic Games.

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