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Living a healthy life style does not have to be all about eating the right foods; our obligatory 5-a-day, and going to the gym for habitual workouts. These things of course do help keep us keep trim and physically fit, but there's more to a healthy life style. We need stimulation for body, mind and soul, to enjoy life to the full.

Let's face it - Life is no rehearsal, we live once and 'ONCE ONLY' so let's enjoy it while it lasts. Try a few new things on a regular basis, if it's not for you, then that box is ticked, move on and try something else until you find something that you do enjoy.

A few ideas that may invigorate your life, and hey, you never know, you might also enjoy them more than you thought!

A Valentine's Day To Remember
Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to book one of our beautiful north east escorts as your very own Valentine Girl for the day. Not that you need an excuse to to book one of our stunning Valentine's, but on Valentine's Day it can add additional romance, passion and a whole lot more fun to to mix! >>>
A Weekend Break
How long has it been? You know since you got away from the stress and hassle of work and treated yourself to something a little extra special. Too long I bet!

Isn't time for a well deserved weekend break? Nothing too expensive, unless you fancy splashing out - and why not you deserve it! Just a few days away; relaxing and enjoying what life has to offer >>>
Seasonal Affective Disorder - (S-A-D)
Yes it's that time of year again, winter is approaching, seasons are changing and we are starting to get that all to typical feeling of depression. The adjustment from bright sunny days and long light evenings - into cold, sometimes freezing nights that make us just want to stay indoors, wrap up and close ourselves away until spring >>>
Controlling Stress
Stress! It seems to be a normal way of life now-a-days. So many of us stress about all sorts of things: Financial stress, work related stress, family stress and the general economic stress of the country in general. >>>

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