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Erotic fictional stories for 'Adult Entertainment Only'

Fictional erotic stories for your entertainment that may just stimulate and arouse!!!

Should you wish to supply us with a particular story-line that you would like addressed, we will see what we can do to accommodate your requests. Simply send us an email with the scenario you would like the story based upon.

In the meantime, please enjoy!!!

Winter Fire
Sometimes the winter can be so depressing. To be fair I'd rather be curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate but instead I find myself at Andy's place. >>>
My Office Affair - The Meeting Room
What a fantastic day I have had. Clive from the office gave me such a treat today. I've trained him well. I have flirted and demanded things of him to turn him on so much I knew it wouldn't be long for him to continue his domination of me >>>
A Horny Halloween
I love my Halloween outfit. The top is a black corset and it makes my tits look fab. It has rib bones marked on it to look like a skeleton. With it I am wearing a very small net skirt that barely covers my ass and hot pants. I have long thick black stockings that also have bones marked along the length of them. The rest of me is painted accordingly and my blonde hair is piled high on top of my head. I am the mostly sultry and gorgeous skeleton girl I have ever seen. >>>
My Christmas Punishment
So, I've had my eye on this guy at work for some time now. I've flirted enough for him to know I wanted him. He made it perfectly clear he wanted me too. Not for a relationship of course, he is a married man, I just wanted him for sex. I wanted him because I can. >>>
The Fuck Hut
Sometimes I get so horny it doesn't matter who the hell it is. This was one of those days. The frustration of my need to cum had me in a foul mood. I had a half day at the office this day as I had to go into town shopping. >>>
A Walk By The River Bank
I really like Durham, it has a warm and traditional feel about it. I was really glad Steve had suggested we meet here. Steve and I have met a few times now and I am thoroughly enjoying our time together. He never fails to make me cum.

We had a few drinks at the bar of the Marriott Hotel before I suggested a walk along the bank of the River Wear. The hotel is situated on the banks of the river so it wasn't far to walk. 'Take a walk with me' I'd said. I could tell by the glint in his eyes he knew what I had in mind >>>
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